noun \ˈje-nə-ˌrā-tər
: a dynamo by which mechanical energy is changed into electrical energy

Generator is a dynamo that harnesses a brand’s energy and converts it
to business.

We are digital natives who pioneer a brand into an already existing digital culture. Generator’s purpose is to recognize a brand's energy and activate it, thereby connecting with an audience to aide the process of growing business.



We are a fully loaded arsenal of turnkey multimedia capabilities that produces a unique project for each need. At Generator, we vivify dynamic messages to capture attention in a fast paced world inundated with information.


The lifeline of a brand is engagement. Revenue conversion happens when we drive people to the brand with interactive content and leverage social media platforms effectively.


Mobile, tablet and cloud capabilities are being unleashed everyday. A brand’s existence depends on being present at the intersections where users are communicating and exchanging information. We work alongside creatives and business stakeholders to build intuitive and world class applications that people want to return to.


The gritty science behind the dazzling surface of digital media is the ruthless monitoring, analysis, assessment of results.




Design makes an immediate and visceral impact on a consumer. Generator researches the brand’s narrative and carries it through the entire brand communication. We are problem solvers, striving for a perfect image that can say a million things. We ascribe a distinct and relevant solution for every message.


To be a leader, a brand must show expertise in its discipline and differentiate itself. Content is not just about the meaning of your words, it's much more about the topics you’re talking about! The digital world encompasses many different kinds of content—online advertising, corporate and product websites, blogs and social media, editorial content, video demos, and more. For each message to be pertinent and versatile, an appropriate medium is necessary.


Sculpting digital information with appropriate media is the most effective way to communicate a brand’s story. Sometimes typographic images win, sometimes it is a video or animation, or maybe an infographic . . . or it could be an essay, photograph, live events or an online campaign.



Digital media is a shape-shifter. New networks, services, and social-media platforms are launched everyday. At Generator we track trends in technology and consumer behaviour, social media and digital product innovation, to identify opportunities for clients.

Additionally, we create live events to bridge digital platforms with real life! How consumers interact with the brand is crucial to success - when interfaces are intuitive, campaigns are fun and intriguing, people come back and interact.



90% of the digital data existing in the world today was created in the last 2 years. We are creating and consuming data at such a phenomenal pace that we hardly notice how the natural world has the prevalence of technology in it. There are currently five billion mobile devices in operation around the world. This is why brands need to give the consumer a valuable experience embedded in the platform, so that they have a reason to come back on a frequent basis.

We are innovative but most importantly use proven technology in new and interesting ways, whether it is for tablets, mobiles or signage. Whether you’re a consumer, educator, or just someone looking for the closest metro stop, your reality is added upon by computer-generated data and graphics. We figure out how the consumer requires the data, and present it accordingly on a platform that compliments their life’s activities. In other words, we provide the right content, in the right context.



We analyse the culture within which the brand dwells and find where the data mentioning it clusters in order to devise where, and how, the perception of the brand must go to match goals. Furthermore, we instate damage control, responding to any negative sentiments whether they are comments, reviews, or articles


Planning is essential organisation and real-time awareness to execute content over time and, strategy is the vision for the brand. It is the backbone, the force that guides all brand thought. Strategy takes the fruit of analysis and research and decides how a brand should be perceived. Finally, strategy aims to create brand loyalists and ROI


Generator creates scalable engagement via creative campaigns powered by big ideas. We integrate platforms, customise and create content and develop applications that have the potential to go viral through organic search and social discovery, and propose solutions only by identifying a target consumer set.

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